android modded games collection

android modded games collection

the king of kong documentary proves that videogame scores, and mullets, are a very serious business. everyone is out to set a new speedrunrecord or high score, so it's hard to keep up sometimes. you can play kickle cubicleuntil your thumbs are as thick as your neck and never come close to the masters' scores,but at least you'll have a good time doing it. if getting your name etched into the annalsof gaming history is your thing, you can aim really high… but there are some recordsyou'll have a really hard time beating. turbo mode kill screen in pac-man pac-man perfection is a combination of robotictiming, relentlessness, and adult diapers. the player's goal is to break the game byreaching the "kill screen." that's a point

in the game's code where the screen decaysinto random symbols, the result of a memory shortage after level 256. glitching pac-manis the grail of competitive retro gaming, officially reached by only seven people. thereare a few modded games and apps floating around online that can start you off with the killscreen, but it's not the same as earning it the hard way. good luck trying it in turbomode—only two people in history ever reached it that way. fastest time in super mario bros. over the years, all kinds of players havescrambled to beat the original super mario bros. on the nes in record time. dependingon whether or not you use the warp zone pipes

to skip levels, you can have a very differenttime for your overall playthrough. in terms of clearing every level (without warping),from start to finish, andrew gardikis was able to beat this iconic game in just 19 minutesand 12 seconds. on top of that, gardikis holds the warp zone record as well, beating thegame in just 4 minutes and 57 seconds. why bother grabbing the mushroom when you canjust win, right? mega man x, x2, and x3 beaten simultaneouslywith the same controller the elite mega man player known online as"agwawaf" was able to beat mega man x, x2, and x3 with 100 percent completion in just43 minutes and 51 seconds. while all three of those games have faster completion times,there's a twist to this particular record:

agwawaf was actually playing all three gamesat once with a single controller. his gamepad's inputs were used across all three games simultaneously,which allowed him to beat them all at once. sure, the runs weren't perfect, and he tookdamage along the way. but just think of how incredible it is to beat three games at thesame time in just under 44 minutes. in fact, all three final bosses, endings, and creditssequences all happen during his playthrough at the same time. most people can't even beatone of these games in under an hour, let alone all three at once. just give up now, you guys. longest mmorpg gameplay marathon in worldof warcraft hectaerina kinumi iglesias is no strangerto setting unbreakable records, especially

when it comes to role-playing games. goingby her online alias of kinumi cati, iglesias played world of warcraft for 29 hours and31 minutes, starting on march 29, 2014, and finishing the next day. she set two guinnessworld records in that time: one for the longest video game marathon on a massively multiplayeronline role-playing game; and the other for longest video game marathon on world of warcraft.she also holds the records for longest video game marathon in a japanese-style role-playinggame and longest video game marathon for any final fantasy title, playing final fantasyx for a whopping 38 hours and 6 minutes. and that's really way too much wakka for one sitting. the legend of zelda extreme challenge

the rules of the zelda extreme challenge areharsh, like ganon himself created it to ensure he ultimately wins. you have to completelyskip getting the sword at the start of the game—but don't worry. it gets better. youalso can't collect most treasures, you can't accidentally kill overworld enemies, and youcan only use bombs and fire on bosses. your quest ends when you encounter the final boss,who cannot be defeated without the treasures you've skipped. while you've certainly accomplishedsomething, you'll still never know sweet victory. only four people have completed the challengein both the first and second quest modes. they didn't save hyrule, but they've morethan earned our respect. longest gameplay marathon with a controllerin call of duty

the guinness book of world records marks 135hours as the longest gameplay session of call of duty, but it comes with a caveat: the recordholder was allowed to take a 10-minute break for every hour of play, providing some much-needednaptimes. while you might think that's cheating, guinness had a good reason to allow the breaks:in a separate attempt to set a gameplay marathon record, a teenager died while in his 40thconsecutive hour of diablo 3. indeed, spending six days in a nonstop warzone would destroyanyone's psyche. mind you, this is the record for gameplay marathons with a controller inyour hand. for a while, it was the longest gameplay marathon ever. but you won't believewhat actually surpassed it. longest gameplay marathon in just dance 4

just hearing about this california schoolteacher's video game record is exhausting enough. carrie swidecki broke the aforementionedcall of duty record by playing just dance 4 on xbox 360 for 138 consecutive hours. justlet that sink in for a moment—most people feel exhausted playing just dance 4 for 13minutes, let alone nearly six days. swidecki simultaneously set three world records whileplaying a dance game that requires players to move and just dance the entire time. bydancing until the 138-hour mark, she set the world records for longest video game marathonof all time, longest marathon playing a dance game, and longest marathon with a motion-sensinggame. even more impressive? by playing just dance 4, swidecki dropped 80 pounds and raisedover $7,000 to support children's health-related

charities. the world's largest video game collection michael thomasson might look like a regularguy, until you realize he's arguably the most dedicated hoarder and collector of video gamesand consoles that ever lived. in late 2013, thomasson won the guinness world record forthe largest video game collection. we're talking 10,607 games and over 100 consoles. thomassonwas able to sell his gargantuan set for over $750,000, but he's probably going to did he acquire such a library? thomasson has the connections, as he ran seven differentvideo game stores over the past 20 years and has been working at several retail game storesalong the way. he even teaches college classes

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