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it is gladiator from gladiator gaming and in today's video i will show you how to get free elite players on nba live mobile now i know this gamejust came out but i figured i should show you guys a couple ways that inoticed my passes various format is taught me how to use them freely playersthat's been the big coins are having to buy packs or nba cash or anything likethat so like as the title says this is pretty much free if you can put in thetime and the grind to get them to do so first thing on this are you guys is okayso if you go ahead and check out these sets you'll see award winners now thisthese sites have players obviously featured in them you got steph curryleader jimmie bother you saw marc gasol

and jamal crawford ok so you all theseplayers are here to check them out ok so as you see steph curry is a ninety90 point guard and as you can notice i almost have it completed and this is thefirst year that there were winners has been a while so me almost completingthis and getting in ninety rated good point guard that's crazy dude that songis so crazy i got some duplicates which we have better luck i would only havetwo more already have two more on there and i have two more left so i wouldalmost have point guard seth curry so i ninety rated man and ninety rate forfree you don't want to buy packs or anythingobviously few grand for coins you can do

that to you that's another fun littlething i am i do a pack opening later but so far i know doing this strategy in this video andsee each one has different collectibles this is kind of like the road in therain collectibles on madden mobile but this is a lot easier to complete i feeli have five out of nine in the first day of this actually being thing so by nextweek if there's another 10 pretty much have him or anyone i want and be able toresell or even using my team was as you notice i did get john wall and he's an8400 to talk about teams i'm sorry for last video me seeing as how to easily doa branding i know a lot of people were

probably mad because i didn't completeddoes not for lack of my team but obviously it is pretty saluki if yourplan if i was playing with all brown seemed so ya guys maybe i i think i hada goal but other than that all wrongs my point guard never thought looselyshooting the breeze with was drawn so i'm sorry for that guys forgive me andyet will get over that ok so the actual event that i want to show you right here award winners now this comes out ourthis is came out like three or four times today and i was at school for mostof it so i can actually do the first parts but i managed to complete one ortwo and use all my seminar obviously i'm

pretty low level 18 stamina not like i'mat a mobile home early and the procedures so i don't have a lot to putin energy wise so i can only say this about 45 times so it is not gonna begood for me to complete this today but i mean obviously other people that arehigher level or you could actually you know by sama dubai wouldn't do that iwould just leave it how it is to the ground because these award-winner packsare are these word one events are going to leave the holy come back sometimenext week i know many mobile does schedule like that so they're both madeby ea and they're out of simple mobile versions of their complete consolecounterpart game so i'm pretty sure

they'll be exactly the same with a fewdifferent aspects to it nothing on the same guys i've beenreally enjoying this game but yeah this game has been really fun for me to playin another per day while i'm on it how do youfreely players obviously i don't know 57 yards but the lebron 93 during the nbasupremacy things are have a link in description so you guys once youcomplete them you can actually get the 93 lebron and i'm but i know some peopleeven my friends from school that don't even mess with the grind well obviously do but they don't leavehome at a mobile they have him already

so i'm kind of jealous but they did putin money on it so i'm trying to do so obviously when i did the wrong thing idid phil couple times that's not for lack of me trying i think it's justmostly the team obviously are playing in sulit so just think of how hard they metin mobile to mobile domination of its were so if it's anything like that youknow it's kind of hard to do with their brown seemed i mean i pretty much already shown i'mgonna come back to the video when i'm actually playing and how game player medoing the award winner so i guess you guys meet completing the events in doingthe set so i'll be right back

momentarily what is the guys i am backand so i for that is true but you know every time i started recording i gottakind of like putting the intro you know sorry even though this is like a part tothe video and realize i'm going beyond like literally one second but i havebeen gone like an hour or two so i'm ready to do the award winners and showyou guys me actually doing it and completing least trying to completethe set ok so this one is when the game with award-winner marga sol on your teamto an eclectic also pretty easy as going to win the game obviously i'm be feeding it to mark toscore some points for me don't go away

as i guess so if we all do that and ihave a question for you guys don't know if anyone knows but their way to changeyour lineup for this cause i saw bronze players on my team even though i havelike lee john wall and everything that i accuse but if there's any way that youhad no taxi know how to use these guys in the comments in sorry shape gave theball right there right now and obviously wouldn't try to play defense here i'mjust leaving a i hate that dude i really do however like this randomly makes youcontrol a player that you weren't controlling in the first place i reallydon't like that i don't think they're ready to get out in time soon as go toadapt but there's that so so far i got

23 so we're ahead he's calling it thatno no ok by me he was about to go for the dunkok so excited marc gasol's open them up on sometimes that doesn't work like itry to put someone in those who aren't person but it's all good we still scoreby three if i score another three-pointer will put him in the grave known the cascade ok miss you made thatso i did what i could you know that there's 24 seconds left or 25 actually icould've run the clock out shot clock and see the red numbers going down withthe redbox white letters numbers of those go down so i'm just gonna run outthe clock here for a little bit and then

on my pop3 and put him in the casket sofive seconds for killing me back off to 3.9 and they're done so that's basicallyhow to do it guys after the thin you know they made thatbut i saw it was either way so i'm kind of show you guys basically the strategyactually my lebron video so yeah there's an even nicer 135 ends ok cool case ibeat it and wanna show you guys meeting at one time on screen can obviouslyafter the first time you guys get it so hard to keep doing it ok so here it is all sorry prd how tolearn and fortunately but i get a master item to go for the kiddies that i thinkso why both i guess where the video i'm

pretty sure this is for katie i knowit's westberg katie i really did you know he's so this is where it would gobut i think it only works for steph curry so unfortunately but i do get anumber of tri-series so i'm be trying to do after this recording and trying tocomplete the career so maybe we'll have a video on him later but it was a guythat's basically the gist of it that's how you do it if you have made it thisfar in the video i'd satellite to the light she stayed this long you know heenjoyed it a little bit a little tv i know people don't like to admit thatthey like my videos but if you enjoy it a little bit you know that like buttonand subscribe if you haven't already

it's been glad to form letter and thankyou guys for being honest