android iap hack

android iap hack

hey, guys. this is andrew esquivel here backwith another tutorial and today, i'm going to show you how to hack the game, smashy roadwanted, to get unlimited money to purchase new vehicles in the video, firstoff, your phone must be rooted. there is no exception to this rule. if you do not knowwhat it means to root your phone, you're going to have to google it because the process torooting a phone is different for every single phone and will not be part of this tutorial.itis also assumed that if you root your phone, you know how to give it an application superuser permissions, that is also required knowledge in order to make this hack work. and thirdoff, we're going to be using an application called root browser to go into the programfiles and actually change the code in the

video game. so, let's get started. so herewe have an application that we're talking about just before called root browser. thisbrowser, specifically designed to allow us access to parts of the phone that we're generallynot allowed access to. this is the application that is going to be requesting super will prompt you and ask you if you want to give it super user permissionsand you must say yes. so, first thing we do is we open up the application and we mustfind a folder called data. let me go ahead and click it. now, this is what i'm talkingabout. this is the super user request. make sure to grant it super user permissions. soyou grant it. and only then will we be able to find the next folder which is also calleddata. if you do not have your phone rooted

and give this application super user permissions,you will not be able to see the second data we're going to go ahead and clickthis. once you open that folder, it will bring you to this giant list of com files. don'tfreak out. we're going to be looking for a file called com.rk.smashywanted. you can makethis list go in alphabetical order so it's easier to find but yes, you will have to scrollthrough a little bit in order to find what we're looking for. and here we are, com.rkgames.smashywanted.we're going to click on that and it will bring us to this filesystem. from here, we'll goto shared_prefs, and then from here, we're going to click on com.rkgames.smashywanted.xmland we are going to open it with the root browser text editor. if it gives you an optionof soft wares to choose from, make sure you

use the root browser text editor. from here,we see the actual code in the xml file. once again, don't freak out. it's actually a prettyshort list and the only value we are looking for is money, which is towards the bottomof the list. right here, we can see the line name is int name equals money, value equals7.we're going to change that to let's say 956. just to make it so-- it's random andwe can see how it works. and then, from here, you just go to the top on the right and clickthe little floppy disk button that saves the file and it will use root permissions to changefiles in the file system, i'll say that it worked, and from here, we can go into thegame. we can click on the car and all we got to do is smash the car and then we can seehow much money we’ve made. so just take

a second.all right. now, let's see if ourmoney worked. look at that, it's climbing up and we end at 900 and something i think,we set it here. there we go. can get and win a new car and we can just press thebutton to make it do what it does and wowwa, you now can just get whatever car you wantby just playing this little lottery thingy here. and just get unlimited money withouthaving to earn it or pay for it. or watch a bunch of ads.and you can keep doing thisover and over again but one thing i do want to mention is that if you come back to thisxml file, that we were just in, make sure you exit out of this because the game willoverwrite this file and if you save it what it was before then it's the old values andany progress you've made will be wiped and

renewed back to what it was before. so justremember to exit and come back into it when you want to hack it again. that's it. prettysimple. thanks for watching, guys. don't forget to comment, rate, subscribe, show your friends,check out my other videos, i got plenty of them and as always, i'll see you next time.