android hacking apps

android hacking apps

hi guys, my name is gokul, and welcome toeffect hacking, today, i'm going to show you how to use the hackers android app hackode. before going into the the how to part, let'stalk about the app. hackode is an android app developed by ravikumar for penetration testers, ethical hackers and cyber security professionals. it containsvarious modules including reconnaissance, scanning, exploits and security feed. butnow, there are only three modules available "reconnaissance", "scanning" and "securityfeed". so let's take a look at the reconnaissance.reconnaissance is the information gathering phase, yes, it's the process of collectinginformation about the target. now, here is

two modules in the reconnaissance - googlehacking and who is look up. first, jump into the google hacking, whichis a small collection of google dorks. here we have php my admin button, tap on it, itwill open up a google search result containing vulnerable sites. basically, this google dorkallows you bypass the admin username and password. so you can access information schema tablesof vulnerable websites by using this google query. the second one is, php config button, tapon it, it will open up a google search result containing vulnerable sites that a may allowattackers to include malicious remote files (php remote file include vulnerability).

next one, sql injection, it allows you toget a search result containing sites vulnerable to sql injection attacks. next, mysqlserver, it allows you to get asearch result that may help you to get sensitive information of the target mysql server, uidand password in web.config through ftp. next, login portals, it allows you to geta search result that contains simple samlphp login pages. last one, passwords, it allows you to getfiles containing sql instructions where the administrator set a password for a databaseuser. now the google hacking part is over, let'sgo back and open the "who-is-lookup" tool.

this module allows you to gather informationabout a domain name like, the owner of the site, created date, ip addresses, email andetc. now' going back to the main menu and openingthe scanning module. this module helps you to find basic informationabout the target. it contains several modules like, ping, traceroute, mx record and dnsdig. let's take a look at the ping module, basically,it allows you to test the reachability of a host and to measure the round trip timefor messages sent from the originating host to a destination device. next one, traceroute, it allows you to identifythe intermediate devices and the connection

speed. another one, mx record which allows you toget information about the target's mail server responsible for accepting email messages onbehalf of a recipient's domain. last one, dns dig, it can be used to findinformation about the target website's dns server. now the scanning part is also over, now let'sgo into the last module security feed. yeah, you know that, it helps you to stay updated. overall, it is a good application for beginnersin hacking. it is also a good android app, because it doesn't need access to your privateinformation to run. if you want to try it,

go ahead, i strongly recommend it. the downloadlinks in the description guys, google play link and a direct link. that's all guys, thank you for watching, anddon't forget to subscribe......