android hack root

android hack root

hello guys today iam gonna show you how to simply hack your candy crush game right now there is the legit version that is straight from the play store and now i'll show you that how hard it's to play here we go !! we'll give it a shot but you'll notice that

the score multiplier is very very low you can see that it's not elevating at very high pace so, we will exit out from this game as you can see that there is failed level notification and we simply failed to complete that level so, first you have to uninstall any version of candy crush then , there is a link in the description below and you can go to that google drive link and simply download the hack version

or crack version (what ever you wanna say) so, here is the downloaded .rar file , extract it and if you have a blue stack installed you can install it directly on to your bluestack and if you wanna install it on your android device just simply go to your device storage and copy your apk file there it's copying and it's done so, then navigate on you mobile phone where the application is

and simply install it so, the application is intalled we'll give it a shot i am turning on the wifi so that i can show that it does connect to your facebook account so , your progress will be saved yep , its connected here we go let's give it a minute .....there we go

right from where we left and now we'll try the same version that we tried on the other legit version now you'll see the difference you can see just with the single swap the score is 61000 then there is lollipop you can see it's dropped to 4 from 5 and as i use the lollipop that again goes to 5

then there is swap the swapping and lollipop superpowers are never ending now look at the bottom right corner how the score is multiplying there we go see 34 lac we didn't even removed all the jelly still we got success on our mission and the tick shows that the progress is saved on your facebook account

so, that's about it aaaand, give it a try and if you have any questions leave it in the comment section below thanks , peace out