android games free download

android games free download

how to use android market on a tablet to downloadapps, games, books & movies – a tutorial hi, and welcome to another video on how touse android on a tablet pc. and this is android 4.0, which is the very latest version of android,but you may well have an earlier version of android and i’ll just point out where thingsmight just look a bit different as we go along. in this video today, we’re really just lookingat how you download applications to your tablet pc, or ebooks, or videos. i can do that bythe android market. now most tablets, most higher end tablets, will have android marketdirectly on the tablet. if you haven’t got that, there are other options or ways aroundit, but we’re not going to show that to you in this, if we jump into the android market, you’re

probably going to be greeted with a screenlike this. if you aren’t, the other option you may be greeted with is something thatlooks like this, where it’s just a list of applications or ebooks, etc. rather thanthis kind of rather more stylized version where you may well see some more advertisedfeatured applications, ebooks, etc. and it’s quite easy just to scroll back and forth downthis. there’s a few things here where we can dosome quick links into kind of key areas here gives you games. if you select that tile,there are certain movies that are promoting here and some other applications, ebooks,etc. that they’re kind of promoting to you. you’ve also got down the right hand sidehere the the apps, books, movies and a kind

of an option to click one of these tiles andsee more. so if we jump into the apps section, againwe’re given this kind of tiled effect window which we can skim up and down on. there’sa few areas like editor’s choice, games, staff choice for tablets. some of this stuffkind of helps you find some of the better applications available for your android the other thing here though is you can flick left and right and jump to some otheralternatives. so this is the kind of featured screens, if you jump to the left, you geta list of categories where you can kind of quickly jump to a curated list, which is muchmore round the kind of category you’re looking for. so, for example, you’ve got categorieslike games, books and reference, business,

comics, communication, education, entertainment,finance, health—the list goes on. so, it’s really up to you as to what you’re lookingfor in terms of categorization. but if you jump to the right, you’ve thengot some other options which are more the kind of the best and most popular, for example here, we’ve got the top paid apps and again you can kind of skim downthese and it gives you the kind of, well, up to as many as you want in terms of thetop 100 etc. or more. you’ve also got the top free applications; again you can skimdown these. these are the top grossing applications. we’ve got the top new applications thatare paid. similarly, you’ve got the top new free applications and you've got the trendingapplications, the stuff that’s trending

at the pretty simple actually, if you want to have a look at one of these apps. let’sjust look in the free stuff here, because it’s a bit sort of easier to pick somethinghere. let’s just pick a game, say bubble shoot. okay, what you’re presented herewhen you tap on something is a lot more information about that application. so first of all you’vegot some screen shots around here, which you can kind of look back and forth on. you’vegot a description which teaches you a bit more about how to play that and you can expandthat description, find out some more information on there. “what’s new” usually coversif there’s been a recent upgrades to this application. there are some ratings and reviews,how many people have rated it in a five star

category, and some actual comments. again,you can see a lot more information on those. let’s step out of that. there’s also somekind of user generated suggestions by users who’ve looked at this that also viewed othersapplications, it’s a bit of an easier way to quickly find stuff that you might like.and there’s some other bits and pieces on here, you’ve also got things like the peoplewho’ve actually made this application have made some other applications, some links tosome web pages, you can email them directly. just here centrally is where we’ve got thenumber of views and the kind of star rating for this application as a quick way of checkingthe quality. but you’ve also got the download box here, so let’s say we want to downloadthis, we just tap on the download box, it

gives you this kind of pop-up here that tellsyou what it’s going to modify on your tablet, so just to confirm you accept that. and youcan kind of expand that, there’s some other bits and pieces there. it gives you some moredetails if you want to click on the more details bit here, the kind of little arrow to theright. but generally, i think if you’ve got this far, you’re just going to pressthis button here, which is accept and download. so let’s do straightaway you get this little kind of status update here which tells you how bigit is and how much it’s downloaded at that stage. at that stage you actually might justwant to notice the x here that you can actually cancel it and stop it from downloading atthat stage if you want. but it’s now got

to the point where it’s downloaded and it’sready to open or be uninstalled. so at this point you might want to uninstall it beforeyou open it. but let’s just go straight in and open it. and immediately it jumps straightin there and into the application. we’re not going to go into that, i’m just goingto take you back to the android market where we were and pick up from there. you can seedownloading an application is pretty straight if we back out of this, let’s jump right back to the market here. now that was applications,let me take you into books here. it’s a similar set up really, you know, again we’vegot this kind of featured screen with some of the kinds of books they’re promotingon that. you can jump this way and see categories

of books, again, lots of different categories,similar set up to what we saw in apps. if you go to the right, here we’ve got thingslike new arrivals in fiction, so again, lots of different books, and lots of differentcharts of books. we’ve also got the new arrivals in non-fiction, top selling, toprated; again you can just kind of flick down these, top free books; it’s all pretty straightforward. so again, downloading a book, again, thisis a free book, pride and prejudice, so we’re going to have a quick look at that. again,you’ve got reviews here, you’ve got suggestions of users who’ve also viewed other books,it gives you some help with finding some other alternative stuff if you want that. you’vegot other books by that author, you’ve got

ratings, all that sort of let’s say we just want to open that. now to do that you’ll need the latest googlebooks application to read this book. so i’m going to okay that and it’s going to takeme to the android market version of google books. okay, so google books gives me a bitmore information there. here actually—i mentioned earlier there’s a video wheresome of these applications have a video that will talk you through the app. so i’m justgoing to click that and it takes you to into youtube and gives you a little video aboutthe application and shows you what it does. now, i’m not going to show all of that inthis video but you can see what i mean. now, i’m going to install this google booksapplication. it comes back again with do i

give permission to the different things it’sgoing to access on the app and i’ll accept and download that. it’s downloading again,it’s showing me how much is complete, it’s showing me the little x if i want to stopit at that stage. it’s still downloading, it’s installing—different messages comingup as we go along—just telling you where we’re at. it’s ready to go, let’s openthat. it’s just given me now the books i’ve selected to download. now it’s a very simplething actually, let’s just jump into that pride and prejudice and you’ve got a kindof fairly standard ebooks application here where you can click—it’s just loadingup here, so it’s just taking a bit longer here than expected—so you can just clickthrough pages, it’s fairly straight forward.

you can actually do a few other bits here,like selecting words and looking at dictionary definitions and all that kind of stuff, buti’m not going to go into that at this stage. so if we jump back now into the android market,so we saw what happened there with books, so the last bit of the android market forme to show you is movies. so these are movie rentals.again, we’ve got the feature page. again we can click to the left and see the categorieshere, so there’s less in the movies here, action and adventure, animation, comedy, documentary,drama, family, and horror. again, we turn right here, we’ve got the top rentals kindof chart, so pretty straight forward, it’s all just loading up there. we’ve got newreleases, we’ve got all that in the movies.

so that gives you a brief idea of findingstuff out there. and again, a similar set up, let’s say you want to actually downloadsomething from this—let’s click on something here—you can rent those movie, you’vegot a little trailer here if you want to see the actual trailer, again it takes you toyoutube to see the trailer. i’m not going to take you through that again, but let’sback up, you’ve got a synopsis and you can extend that, you can read user reviews ofthis, you can rate it, you can look at the cast and credits—all that sort of stuff.and of course, you can press the button here and rent it. now, i’m not going to rentit at this stage but you can see what i’m talking about, because it’s fairly similarto what we saw in the apps and books, etc.

now, other things you can do with this iswe’ve got a little search up here, so say for example, if i want to pull up other appsi might already know the name of, i might of seen, i know one called pulse, this is kind of a news reader application i want to download.and again it gives you anything that comes up in the apps, the books, the movies, dependingon where you are in the android market. i want the application there, it immediatelyjumps you to this, gives you the same information we saw before. again, i can install and again,it’s following a similar pattern. now you don’t actually have to wait while it’sinstalling in this screen, you can actually jump back to kind of your home screen, itwill carry on downloading and it will let

you know with a kind of a notification whenit’s downloaded. and you can actually see at the top here,some of these icons are appearing which are short cuts to anything you’ve download andwe’ve looked at in previous videos at how you can kind of configure those short cutsso they’re a bit easier for you to find or set out exactly as you want to. but thoseare now downloaded and again if you want to use those applications it’s just a caseof clicking on them and you can start using that’s it really for the android market. i’m just going to check whether there’sanything else i want to show you here. there’s kind of various short cuts that show you whatyou’ve downloaded, there’s other bits

here where you can look at accounts, settings,help screens—all this sort of stuff. but there nothing really hugely else—this otheroption here actually, which is sharing—so if you find an app you really like and youwant to share it with someone else, either by skye, google+, gmail, email, bluetooth,all that sort of stuff is possible, but i’m not going into any more detail on that’s it for the android market. i’m sure we’ll come back and use this againin future videos to download applications and books etc. but you can see what it’scapable of. so we’ll come back to you in future videosshowing you how to use your android tablet pc.